Gord and Vicki sitting on lava.

Ruth: They are not twins, but Gord and Vicki are only 13 1/2 months apart in age. This may be the first time they have travelled together since 1969, but some patterns are deeply entrenched. Together they form a sort of sibling syndicate. They walk at the same pace, pause to look at the same sort of things and never, ever misspell anything. When I state a fact they look at each other for confirmation before reluctantly accepting what I am saying. Watching them snorkelling together it’s easy to imagine them doing exactly the same thing at ages 6 and 7.

I get it, I have two sisters and we have our own shared language, history and cultural references. Certain jokes or expressions would only be hilarious to us.

It’s great to see the two of them together, but I wouldn’t dare start an argument, because I know I am out numbered.

At the port at Calheta de Nesquim
Gord looking hot!
Waiting for dinner to cook.

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