Ruth: We are staying at the house of Gord’s aunt and uncle in Dieppe, New Brunswick (near Moncton).  Tonight Gord’s Uncle Hervé cooked us a lobster feast. The plate above is just the leftovers! 

We offered to make a salad, but were told quite firmly that vegetables are unnecessary with lobster. I can’t say I missed them. 

Hervé and Marie-Anne moved into an assisted living place six months ago, but are keeping the house for now. They still enjoy having it for guests, hobbies and occasional entertaining. We are being thoroughly spoiled here. 

Our ride from Sackville to Moncton followed the Memramcook Valley, passing Dorchester and College Bridge, where Gord’s Mother and Aunt grew up. 

It is a beautiful valley steeped in Acadian History.  The first Acadian National Congress met in Memramcook in1881.  The Acadian flag was adopted a few years later and is now ubiquitous in the Acadian areas of the province.

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