Gordon, Doris, Herman, Marie Anne and Hervé

Ruth: After seven lobster meals in five days we are stumbling onto our flight home in a lobster haze.  Nothing to complain about, but I do look forward to eating some vegetables and perhaps toning down the gluttony just a wee bit. 

We have had a lovely visit in Moncton reconnecting with Gord’s mom’s sister and two brothers. There is something wonderful about hanging out with a group of people that range in age from 82 to 93. Hearing that Gord just turned 60 made them long for those salad days of youth. Doris, who is 93, thought it would be great to be as young as Marie Anne, who turns 83 today. The common theme from all of them was to live each day to the fullest.
These proud Acadians have lots of stories of the hard lives endured, especially by their mothers, to simply survive and put food on the table for their families. Gord’s aunt Marie Anne told us that without the transformation of the province under Premier Robichaud the Acadians would still be desperately poor. 
Our time here was not entirely spent eating, we went on a bike ride each morning on the beautiful trail system that winds from Dieppe along the river marshes into downtown Moncton. Moncton has a lovely farmers market with many local specialties including fantastic cinnamon buns.  It also has some attractive areas of character housing, and the older parts of the downtown are quite charming.
No trip to New Brunswick can happen without a number of visits to their provincial institution – Tim Hortons. Within 20 minutes of arriving in Moncton Hervé had us loaded up in his car to show us where the nearest one was located. Our last moment with them was shared at the Tim Hortons (what else could it be?) at the Moncton airport. 

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