Ruth: Last night it just poured again in Lignières and we were soaked to our skins walking back from town. Luckily there were enough amusements for us back at the L’Ange Blanc Chambres D’hotes while we dried out. This modern renovated ancient barn is home to a menagerie of animals. Budgies, nine cats, including a nursing mother with her five kittens, and a donkey. The fine balance of peace and harmony was kept not by Alain our host, but by the most outgoing and personable dog I have ever met. Yes mom, Tippy included!  When the dog wasn’t picking up a kitten by the scruff of its neck or head (a bit terrifying) he was kissing the donkey. 

Marg: Ruth suggested that we buy food in town in the morning, but we neglected her wise voice of experience. When we arrived in Cluis the promised magasin was closed for Bastille day. No food. No wine. Unhappy Marg. Ruth to the rescue: she chatted up the women in charge of the pilgrim refuge.  One donated pasta sauce for our left over pasta and the other delivered breakfast eggs, local apple juice, homemade jelly and red wine now in our bellies. 

The house we are staying in is aproximately 12 feet wide, with a dryer that sounds like the voice of God ie loud. I just wish it had rained today with such an amenity, but today we are not soaked to the skin and hypothermic.

Bruce: I reluctantly but generously donated my two Camino chocolate covered peanut butter bars for our dessert. Unbeknownst to the typist Ruth I still have two in my bag.
Ruth: Le grand noir du Berry is a world famous breed of donkey from this area.

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