Gargilesse Dampierre
Ruth: The last two days I have been reintroduced to my thigh muscles, especially to how they feel after big climbs. The flat land that we had previously has given way to steep river valleys and bigger hills. 
The rewards in scenery and sights have made up well for our efforts. 
Yesterday we visited Gargilesse Dampierre where there is an unusual 12th century fresco of Jesus with a knife in his mouth in the crypt of the church. He is described in this manner by John in the book of Revelations following his visions in the cave on Patmos, Greece.

After a lovely night at Maison Derran in St. Germain Beaupré we headed off this morning to visit 

Benevent L’Abbaye before heading on to our long climb up to St Groussaud. We were not expecting to climb almost to 700 m, lines look so much flatter on a map. The views at the top and the long coast down almost made up for the long, and as it turned out, completely unnecessary climb.

Near the top Gord and I performed an interpretive dance with fern fronds and ceremoniously renamed Marg “Dame Limosin du Mont.”

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