Entering Arzua the numbers of pilgrims suddenly increase as their average age drops. We are now on the Camino Francés for the last two days into Santiago. This section of the Camino has a summer camp vibe, with lots of groups of young Spanish pilgrims making their way from the 100 km mark at Sarria. Gord and I were either ahead or behind one group for a good portion of the day. The young girls were playing their music and singing as the young men attempted various attention getting antics that all missed their intended mark of impressing their female companions. It’s great to witness them on their first big adventure. 

Tomorrow we walk into Santiago for our fifth time. We have travelled 1700 kms on this trip: Gordon’s longest walk ever. We have met so many wonderful people young and old, and I’m left with a more positive outlook on the world once again. Covid, global warming, extremists and wars are still with us, but individual human beings connecting with each other are just as real, and something we truly need.

I will cry in the square in front of the Cathedral, I always do. I will cry watching people as they reach their long awaited goal. I will cry when I see friends reunited after a week or more of separation. I will cry for a world that needs more of this. 

Bridge after Baamonde
Monastery at Sobrado
Beautiful Forest track early in the morning
Frog pond at a beautiful outside bar along the way

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