Ruth: Slowing down is hard for both Gord and I, but probably a good thing for us to try once in a while. Today is the first day I haven’t gone out for either a walk or cycle, other than to pop down to the port and look at the waves. 

My back is telling me that walking is not in the cards right now. For some reason it is acting up, so perhaps I will listen to its requests for rest. I get into a nasty loop when my back spasms, triggering anxiety which in turn makes my back pain worse. It’s a tough cycle to step out of, but with the help of meditation and medication I am feeling much better. I am a master at catastrophizing, a talent that I am seeking to unlearn. 
I am not sure how the word “cat” ended up in catastrophe, as our host’s cat seems incapable of worry. She showed up at our doorstep this morning, completely soaked.  Instead of spending the day worrying about the possibility of being wet and cold tonight, she just settled in on my tummy and went to sleep. I must learn from this teacher. 
My morning has been nicely spent reading and listening to the purring sound of gratitude. 

Here are a few pictures from our ride yesterday, between the rain storms. 

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