Ruth: It became clear that Gord was underfed when he spent last night in Neguac researching the location and hours for the all you can eat Chinese restaurants in Miramichi.  Even with a ferocious head wind we were able to make it to the Great Wok just as the food troughs were being filled. Oh my! Three plates later we were both feeling very full. Today was our second day in a row at a Chinese buffet – so common in so much of Canada, but scarce in Quebec. We are making up for it in New Brunswick. 

Today we took a side trip over to Parc L’ile aux Foins to walk the boardwalk and admire all the lovely shore birds.  The Acadians harvested a salt hay from the island and would bring it back over the ice to feed their livestock in the winter. We also passed through Burnt Church (a Micmac community) before we were back on the main road fighting a head wind for the rest of the morning. Unlike the Gaspésie the roads along the coast here are too far inland to appreciate any views of the sea. The monotony  of the road is more obvious with the slow speeds. 
Miramichi is a predominantly English place, but whether English or French the people we have met in New Brunswick are so friendly. I am still pleasantly shocked when trucks stop to let us cross the highway. 

Gordon:  Those interested in real estate would probably not be surprised to find that their money goes a bit further in New Brunswick and rural Quebec.  For instance, the structure pictured above, which our B&B host in Miramichi describes as a court house, is yours for $139,000, about the price of a parking stall in Vancouver.  But if you are looking for something a little more cozy, how about this cottage across the road from the sea in Pointe à la Frégate, on the Gaspé?  The owner is asking $25,000.

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