July 17, 2015
The ride from Ansião to Coimbra included a stop at the Roman site of Conimbriga.  They have a very impressive collection of mosaics from the remains of a number of villas. From there we parted company with the Camino trail in search of a paved road for the last leg of the day. So far we have been primarily following the Camino route with only a few detours. 

 A sculpture curiously named, “Size Matters”

Our “rest” day in Coimbra has given us a chance to exercise different leg muscles as we tromp around this hilly old university town. Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in Europe and its campus is a Unesco world heritage site.  It feels like a very old place, partly because of the buildings but also because the students wear academic gowns to attend classes.  We are just enjoying a beer before we head out to listen to some Fado. 

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