July 21, 2015

Ruth: The Port was lovely, and the Bacalao, as Gord mentioned, surprisingly good, but the crown of favorites so far would have to go to the pastel de nata. To say they are a dessert underestimates their wonder. Move over creme brûlée, cannoli and, yes, even chocolate, these babies are my new favourites. The puff pastry base cups the yummy egg and cream custard that has been just scorched on the top. Pair this with an espresso and your world is complete. 
I have tried to make these at home using store bought puff pastry, but I need to master the authentic ones. I have already been looking for recipes to try. 
Eating has been one of the real pleasures here. The excellent food is surpassed only by my other favorite thing in Portugal: the friendly people.  The best moments combine both. Yesterday when Gord and I entered a tiny local restaurant there were no tables free, but two Portuguese ladies motioned to us to share theirs. With some gentle encouragement in the form of a kick under the table, Gord started talking to them in Portuguese. They were from the neighbourhood, and very glad that we had found their local restaurant. They were thrilled when we ordered what they had chosen and proudly told us how inexpensive it would be. The whole experience was lovely. 
Today we cycled along the coast to Vila do Conde where we had a lovely bracing swim at the beautiful beach here. 

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