Today was our last flat ride before we enter the hills. Our route was on a quiet road that passed rice fields and orchards, each with its own spirit house. No house in Thailand is complete without a spirit house. The houses are elaborate enough to ensure that the spirits choose them over the main house to live in. While Thailand is primarily Buddhist, the animist traditions, likely predating Buddhism, are still strong. When old spirit houses are replaced they are not destroyed but rather moved to decompose naturally under a tree. Gord made the ghastly suggestion that we use my dollhouse as our spirit house when we get home!!?!

We lucked out tonight with accommodation, finding a cute, spotless bungalow at the Sawanee Resort for 400 bhat, or the equivalent of about $14. It is only a couple kms before the entrance to the historical site. After our ride Gord needed to work out the kinks with some yoga. I must say he is getting pretty good!

Si Satchanali is another world heritage site listed in conjunction with Sukhothai.  It is more heavily forested than Sukothai, and, outside of several hundred Thai Boy and Girl Scouts that were visiting, much less touristed.  Although it was part of the Sukothai kingdom, the ruins at Si Satchanali display some stylistic differences from the capital city.  There were, however, still lots of Buddha bits.

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