29km & 1700 meters of climbing. The road was well graded although it averaged 10% in the last 10 km. The traffic was not a problem and it was lovely when we parted company with the main road which goes through a tunnel to Italy. This was the biggest climb I have ever done, and for those at home it was almost 5 Malahats!

We were not rested, our knees were already sore from two long days in the saddle, but we made it! I could have been in a Mars bar commercial for the enthusiastic way I fell on one each 5-10 km. We were incredibly lucky and had glorious sunny but cool weather all the way up. The highest temperature on record at the pass is only 20 C so we must be here on one of the few milder days.

We are relaxing now after a huge dinner at the Grand-Saint-Bernard Hospice, which has been in continuous operation feeding and sheltering pilgrims for almost a thousand years. And yes, there are still Saint Bernard dogs here, but when dog rescues are needed they now opt for the much smarter German Shepard.


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