Ruth: Ah, we are entering in Tuscany where almost all the Italian Movies we have ever watched were filmed. A land that is always bathed in the pre sunset light, and where everyone owns a villa. Then why are my hands and feet numb and why can’t I see the road. We had our mountain road to ourselves as we climbed up and over the Cisa pass except for one or two motorcycles making the cold wet journey into the clouds. By the way, being in a cloud in not at all like the Philadelphia cream cheese ads.
We are now safely nestled into our pilgrim hostel that we are sharing with 11 other pilgrims! We did not see this many pilgrims on our whole trip last year. We dined well at a local restaurant that offered a pilgrim dinner and now I am ready for a good rest.

I am actually glad there has been some rain so Tuscany of the films will be lush and glistening.

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