A pilgrim walks, cycles and draws with awareness of the small moments.

It is almost time to quit our busy life at home to become pilgrims again on the Via Francigena. 
I am not a patient person at all, so I have already started my travel journal for the trip which is still just under a month away. Gord teases me and asks periodically how the trip is going so far.
I have never taken a drawing course in my life, but I have decided to start drawing like a pilgrim. One sketch a day and maybe, as walking each day can take you across countries and unimagined distances, my sketches might also take new turns and directions. Like pilgrims, however, the goal is not to become a great artist, but to enjoy each moment of sketching . 
Gord and I are retuning to Europe on August 12th to complete the second half of the Via Francigena.  To save my liver, and perhaps my virtue, Gord is also bringing his bike this time so my barfly days will be somewhat reduced. We are flying into Innsbruck to visit two Camino friends and then we will cycle from Austria through Switzerland on the Camino de Santiago until we return to Lausanne to resume the Via  Francigena to Rome.  We have five months to travel and the VF is just the first chapter. We are very lucky pilgrims!

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