If words could describe how I am feeling this morning I would say I am in a state of grace.

Mornings are just stunning on the meseta and riding slowly through this spectacular landscape is such a gift. The weather is sunny but unusually cool- perfect. I can’t believe that this is the area most commonly bypassed by pilgrims on train. I think it is so lovely. Much more varied than the Prairies in Alberta, but like them, full of beautiful vistas and big sky. The towns are nestled into valleys or up on fortified points and more like the towns we saw in France.

This is a calm and quiet happiness that I would love to hold on to. I am enjoying my solitude so much more than I expected. It is great to plan my deviations from the walkers’ route, to see other villages along the way. I’m never lonely, and If I ever was the bars along the Camino are full of new friends.
Today: 48km, three cars, one tractor.

We are now in Fromista where there is one of the best preserved Romanesque churches I have ever seen.

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