Hotel Suerte Loca, Sidi Ifni
We came out of the mountains and down to the coastal town of Sidi Ifni, which has only been a part of Morocco since 1969. Prior to that, it was a Spanish enclave. Much of the town was constructed in the 30’s and as a result it is full of art deco buildings and a Spanish vibe.

Just like the name of our hotel suggests, we are having suerta loca or crazy luck with the weather now. After all it is December and we need sunscreen! We spent the the morning walking five kilometers down the beach to the port and encountered only a few other people. Most of the foreign tourists in this town are European snow birds staying close to their motorhomes. Otherwise there are just a handful of surfers here to catch the excellent curls.

In the afternoon we put on our swim suits and played in the waves. The Atlantic here is cool but still warmer than the Pacific at home in the summer. Gord and Matthew were maniacs in the waves. We were the only three people swimming so we had very personal attention from the two life guards on the beach. They were quick to point out that we had chosen the most dangerous area to swim. We decided to take there advice and moved down further thus averting certain death. It was a great day.

Location:Sidi Ifni

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