Le Matin: There is nothing more French than an open air market. I didn’t need any directions; I just followed the nicely dressed ladies with their baskets hooked on their arms. It looked as if the socializing was at least as important as the shopping. Ladies were chatting and blocking aisles as they stopped to talk. I just wandered slowly by each table admiring the colorful arrangements of produce before picking up some sheep cheese, yoghurt and a melon.
L’ après-midi: There is nothing more French than an anti- government protest. I just followed the crowds of youth wearing solidarity stickers and noise makers. A large group of teens gathered to sit down in a huge intersection in protest against Sarkozy’s retirement changes. They looked more excited and happy to be a part of something, than outraged with the politics. They talked, smoked and suntanned while they blocked all traffic coming in and out of the town. It’s impressive to see a group of teens mobilize over an issue like retirement.

-posted with stolen signal while trying not to look too obvious.


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