Dufort-La Capelette – Moissac (420km)
Convent de Carmel
We are about 1100km shy of St. Jacques de Compostela – a goal for next year. Gord and I have come to the end of this year’s journey on the Camino. We began this trip feeling that in some ways we were imposters faking a Catholic pilgrimage but the fantastic community of people walking together towards similar but different goals transformed us into our own form of pilgrims. The feeling of interconnectedness more present on the Camino than any other place in my experience. Our farewell drink with Kurt and Ilse before exploring the town was a lovely example of the friendships made on route.

Moissac was an important Medeval center and even though the railway cuts the historic core into two, it still has some of the best Romenesque carvings you will ever see. What you don’t see in Moissac , behind all the beauty, is the brutal history of of Cathar suppression. In a single day, more than 250 so called heretics were burned alive in the square.

Our final night on the Camino was lovely but a bit sad. We could have happily continued on, but we will have to be patient.

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