I am making my husband very happy tonight. Now don’t worry, I am not about to say anything inappropriate. I am making my husband happy because tonight is our third night in free accommodation. This area has really embraced pilgrim hospitality with either the Marie or the church offering very basic places. Last night we stayed at the Presbytery in Bar-sur-Aube. It was as nice as any Chambre d’Hotes for one. I say one because there was only one single bed. Gord was a true gentleman however and slept on a thermarest on the floor. Tonight we have two beds and lots of space but no shower or hot water. A touch of medieval hygiene to add an air of authenticity to our trip.

We had hoped to stay in in the only other place in town, the highly recommend chambre d’hotes run by an English couple, but after several calls with no reply we settled in here. They also operate a wonderful restaurant which must keep them away from answering or checking messages. After a dinner of the best duck I have ever eaten the owner asked where we were staying. He sheepishly acknowledged that he should be checking his telephone messages.

It all worked out very well however and other than smelling a bit more than usual we both had a great sleep. Tonight, however, I will shower!

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