This is now Gordon’s longest walk ever. We passed our previous record of 1700 kms yesterday. We both have been so focused on our journey and the logistics of finding and booking accommodation and deciding upon routes that we missed our 20th wedding anniversary. We will have to make up for that at the end of the mont when we celebrate our anniversary of 33 years together – the more important event as far as I’m concerned. 

The alps in this area are just stunning. Each day we are amazed not only by the mountains, but also by the beautiful villages nestled high and low on the slopes. Our routes rarely take the flat valley floor and generally climb up one side or the other. Yesterday my climb was steeper than the Col de Montgenevre, but the reward was a beautiful bike route that contoured around the mountains before dropping down at the end of the day. Gord’s routes generally go higher, but there are often villages where we intersect and share a picnic together. Many of the larger towns were fortified villages and they are delightful to explore. 

After 1700 kms I’m feeling a bit travel weary, and at least today, I am starting to look forward to being home again. Each day is delightful, but I’m tired of the booking and planning for each day. Likely this will pass, as it aways does. My elixir is a beautiful ride which I’m bound to have today. 

Yesterday after a long day of climbing I checked into the hotel and then hiked up to meet Gord in Mont Dauphin. It is one of the UNESCO listed Vauban fortresses.  As I was walking up the steep path with my knees already tender, my shadow blurted out, “I think I get it, you really like this guy, even if he won’t stick to you like I do.” 

Yup, I really do. Happy Anniversary Gordie!

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