I must be tired. Things are bugging me and I’m feeling grumpy. 

The “Welcome “ book at the campground where we have rented a bungalow has more rules and warnings about fines and consequences than any real welcome. In order to use their pool I had to buy Gord a clinging French approved bathing suit, because the shorts style are strictly forbidden. We knew this from previous trips to France, when Gord was given a loaner speedo to wear?!?  Eeek! The pool was necessary, it’s getting hot and we are still at 900 meters. 

Normally I enjoy the puzzle of connecting the dots of our route with accommodation but right now I’m just tired of it. We booked two different apartments in the City of Gap. After confirmation and payment we were told they could not accommodate us for those dates. We then saw they same apartments listed with higher prices. Not cool. I’m still waiting for the full refund on one of them. These things wear on me and make me feel grumpy. 

I also have too much time on my hands. Gord’s routes are very different from mine now so I am no longer walking for part of the day. This means a lot of time waiting. I’m always looking for a shady place to sit or a private place to pee. I hate it when I find the first, but not the second. In France check in time is firmer than in Italy. I’m stressed about a place we have booked a few days from now that lists their check in time as starting at 8:00 PM. We are almost sleeping by then!!!  I have asked for an earlier time, but we shall see. Maybe I will put up our tent on their lawn and have a nap. I’m sure that’s also against the rules. 

Yesterday I found a perfect shady bench to sit and draw. Unfortunately the town drunk crashed down onto the same bench shortly after, almost falling on top of me. I relocated to the church steps were I was joined by an overly friendly/ lonely guy. When I’m on my own I’m civil but less keen to engage. He finally gave up trying to be my best friend and moved on.

I do love France, but now that it is high season and hot, I’m feeling frustrated more often than I want to. This glass half empty feeling will likely pass when I head off on my bike again today in this beautiful landscape.

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