I’ve learned a few things about weather forecasts in my last few trips. I used to let a bad weather forecast torment me even before the bad weather arrived. I would think to myself, “This the last nice day we will have for a week.” In some cases I wouldn’t even enjoy the nice day. I would only be happy when we had that narrow band of not too hot, not too cold, and not too wet weather predicted across a long term forecast. 

This is one place in my life where mindfulness has truly made a huge difference. If I actually live in the moment on the hottest, coldest or rainiest days, I am able to see that for much of my time I am comfortable and fine. 

This morning we left early; the air was fresh and the light amazing. The cicadas start their tinnitus chorus earlier and earlier with the rising temperatures.  Today they were at it just before 9 am.  We spent the morning walking together on a paved bike path marked as the Eurovelo 8, and we reached our destination before the heat had really materialized. I’m sitting on the bed in our air conditioned room in Cavaillon. It’s the first place we have had air con in France. Today and tomorrow were predicted to be our hottest days, but fortunately today we had a few more clouds and it has only reached 34 degrees.  The prediction for tomorrow is 37, but we shall see. In anticipation of this we have planned a few shorter days. Our hosts have been amazing, allowing us to check in early. Today we arrived at 11 am and we were still greeted warmly and given our room keys within 30 minutes.

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