I would like to thank our friends who expressed concern over my bout of Lyme disease.  The antibiotic is working its wonders and after two rest days we were back on the Camino today. We will be doing several shorter days. 

We are now in the far west of Hungary, close to the borders of both Slovenia and Croatia.  It appears to be a more traditional area.  Even in the villages, most of the homes are on large, long lots that leave room for a barn, an orchard, and a garden.  The traditional village life of the past seems very close in this region.

The town where we spent three nights, Hegyhátszentjakab, is located in Örség National Park.  It includes some beautiful natural terrain, as well as a number of villages.  These are attractive features for visitors, with the result that there is a surprising amount of accommodation available in this sparsely inhabited area.

Due to two days of fever and today’s four hour walk in the rain I have few pictures from this beautiful area.  My apologies.

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