Yesterday we entered the town of Hegyhátszentjakab. Now to a non-Hungarian the name might look like the announcement, “Hey guys hats and jackets,” but if you look closer with a bit of a sideways squint you can see Szent Jakab, otherwise known as Saint James. This town takes the Via Pannonia in a bit of a northern arc because of the small parish church named for Saint James.  It turns out Ferenc was right, and it was well worth the extra kms. 

Yesterday we were welcomed into our apartment by Lazlo, who shared with us that walking the Camino has changed his life. He is from Budapest but has bought and is renovating a house here that will provide accommodation for visitors and hopefully pilgrims too. At this time there are not many pilgrims on the Via Pannonia. The last one was an Italian who is about 16 days ahead of us (I follow him on Facebook). He took the short cut and never came through this town. 

After a lovely meal in the local restaurant I asked the owner, through Google translate, if she had a stamp for our pilgrim credential. Quickly another woman introduced herself as Judit and offered to translate for us. After we got our stamp she invited us home to meet her husband who has walked the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port. With glasses of home-made palinka (a brandy) we looked at Paul’s credential, Compostela and photos. Judit then invited us to come and look at her small shop filled with beautiful items from her travels in Tibet and Nepal. She generously gave me a beautiful stone bead bracelet that I will wear all the way to Santiago. 

It seems appropriate that it is in this town, named for Saint James, that we have met a tiny Camino community just when we needed some help. After removing at least seven ticks, some deeply buried, Gord now has a bullseye rash, slight fever, headache and swollen lymph nodes: clear symptoms of Lyme disease. This morning we called Judit, who was in a nearby city for a doctor’s appointment. She told us she would talk to her doctor about our situation.  We heard back from her while we were walking the five kms to the nearest town with a medical clinic and pharmacy. She had arranged a prescription and would pick up the antibiotics and deliver them to us this afternoon. Happily we cut our muddy, rainy walk short and returned to our apartment for a rest day. 

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