Albert’s photo of a pygmy owl.

It’s all about the birds. Our ride to Cienfuegos from Playa Girón was a bit longer than I like, at 83kms. The problem is the midday heat rather than the distance. We were expecting a fairly boring ride but the first thirty kms from Playa Girón were on a beautiful road through the forest. We saw or heard many of the Cuban birds we learned about on our guided walk with Keko. There were several kestrels sitting on the power lines and we recognized the call of the Tocoro, Cuba’s national bird. We passed through a lush swap where we even saw a flock of ibis.  There is also a native cuckoo called the Lizard Cuckoo because of the lizard-like movements of its long tail. When we are not looking for or listening to birds I’m enjoying painting them. 

Cuban Tody

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