Ruth:  The last time we travelled to Cuba, about 20 years ago, we had our bikes, a guidebook and a paper map. With no other options we lived in the moment, rolling into towns where we would be guided by locals to accommodation. There were no smart phones, translation apps or satellite gps. The tracks we made were the prints made by our tires or feet. When we rolled into a town we didn’t already know exactly what our room would look like or how well it was reviewed. 

Now we are swamped with so much technology and data  it’s hard to remember to stop and look up from our phones. As the world becomes less predictable we seem to grasp at information trying to anchor ourselves to something stable and predictable. 

Bob commented after my first blog that I must get AirTags for our bikes. That sent me running to London Drugs to snap up the last four pack, only to return home to the realization that I wouldn’t find a hiding place that a bike thief wouldn’t anticipate. Last week our gps cat tracker arrived so that we could begin to let our new cat Milo outside and know exactly where he wanders. In the old days we just opened the door. 

Our bikes have made it to Vancouver, and I can see on an app that Milo is inside for the night with his collar charging. All is well and under control. But is it?

Now that I can track Gord, Milo and my bike I can relax into the moment. Until my phone terror bombs me with news that Milo has left the safe zone and entered the no go territory, or that our bikes are stuck in Toronto. 

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