Day One: Seville to Guillena

Day Two: Guillena to Castilblanco de los Arroyos

Our first dinner on the Via de la Plata was a gathering of eight or nine pilgrims.  Everyone at the table had done at least three Caminos. This is not a route beginners generally choose.  It is longer and has some stages with fewer services. It’s wonderful to see a pilgrim tribe taking shape again. Ours includes pilgrims from Canada, Germany, Austria, Korea, Bulgaria and France. It’s such a great group, it’s hard to imagine that the people a day ahead or behind us could be having as much fun.  

The first day I walked with my bike along the route for about 12 kms. We reached a stream that could only be crossed on a bouncy I beam. I detached my bike and carefully crossed carrying it. Gord came back for my suitcase. It all ended well except we forgot to take a picture !!!

Today I opted for the road route. Although I missed a castle and some great scenery, the well graded climb was better than the rough track the others took. I also stopped for a café con leche and a slice of cake in a town enroute. 

Tomorrow I am riding with cold beer in my trailer to give to the lucky first six pilgrims to arrive at the halfway point. It’s a day mostly along the road with no services at all. My trailer is packed, all the better to insulate the beer. 

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