Terra Nostra

Ruth: November 10, 2021We climbed to the crater rim above the town of Furnas at 510 meters before diving down the steep road into the town. I will climb a lot to get to hot springs and the ones in the botanical gardens at Furnas are some of the best. 
November 11, 2021 We left Maia and cycled back to the bungalow in Capelas. With only six nights left we are returning to this lovely spot that is close enough to Pointa Delgada to get back, but far enough away to avoid the higher COVID exposure. Almost all of the COVID cases in the Azores are on this island, but this is also where most of the population lives. Our bungalow has everything we need, including a buffet breakfast and cats. What more could a person want?
The natural swimming pool at Capelas is one of the more protected ones we’ve seen. With only a small opening to the sea it is possible to swim most days. We ended our day there. Gordon watched a two foot moray eel hunting in the pool, so it still has lots of natural life.

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