Ruth: Yesterday we hitched our trailers back on the bikes and rolled down out of Santa Barbara. Our flight to São Miguel was not until seven so we had lots of time to have a meal at the German restaurant in Vila da Porta before heading to the airport to pack up our bikes in their suitcases and check in. The process was quicker than expected, although we had a bit of tense moment when my bike didn’t initially fit in the suitcase. Some how Gord managed to shift it in to place and the lid closed. Both bikes were packed in just over an hour and during that time no one yelled, cried or threw anything – a grand success. 
We are now settled into our sprawling 4 bedroom house in Várzea, on the Eastern end  of São Miguel. I’m going to try not to go on about the weather, again, but we came close to renting a car yesterday. We have slid into low season in the Azores. We have this entire house for 40€, but the sky is grey and leaking ( oops- no weather talk).
Today we hiked to the grocery store in the next village to get food for our second breakfast, and then hiked down to the hot springs on the coast below.

Saltwater hot springs

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