Porto Pim
The view from our apartment balcony of Pico.
Eating on the balcony.
The lower floor of our little apartment at Verde Mar.

Ruth: Although Gord and I travel a lot, we only return to a handful of places. The Azores are on that list and it is lovely knowing I will return again and again. We spent around two weeks on the island of Faial in February of 2019, most of it in Horta. We are back with Vicki this time to spend 5 nights in Horta and 4 in Cedros before the siblings are wrenched from each other and Vicki flies home. The biggest difference from our previous visit is that the ocean and weather have allowed us to snorkel almost every day. Yesterday was the first in many that we didn’t take a plunge. Today I was treated to a synchronized swimming show performed by the sibling syndicate. 

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