Ruth: The tropical rains have put our outside dining and daily snorkelling on hold, hopefully only temporarily. Even when the forecast looks ominous, we are still able to capitalize on the sunny and dry periods that materialize when we need them. And this is tropical rain,  not west coast hypothermic rain. You can get drenched in it and it’s still not really cold. Our daily temperatures hover between 20 and 23. 
There is a crack forming in the sibling solidarity around pastries. On this single issue,  Vicki and I are usually in agreement ; that now is always a good time for pastries.  Gordon does always seem to be able to devour his share after his weak protestations go unnoticed. 
Today is Vicki’s Birthday so we celebrated with a drink at Peter’s Cafe Sport. Gin and tonics are their specialty and they were lovely. Come to think of it I’m not sure I’ve ever had one that wasn’t. The rain ended and the sky cleared, enabling us to have our dinner out on the patio, gazing at Pico once again. 

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