São Bras

Ruth: The hostels in the Azores are frequently repurposed monasteries or convents located in the old neighborhoods, often near the port. We have been noticing them on other islands and admiring the historic buildings in which they are located. For the first time in a number of years we are staying in a youth hostel, this one in the main town of Vila do Porto on the island of Santa Maria. It is a new hostel that combines an old convent and fish market, with an enviable prospect over the sea. With better furniture and bedding this could be a five star hotel. We have 12 foot ceilings and large Italianate windows that open over the street with a view to the sea. Oh, and it even has an infinity pool.
Vicki has returned to Canada and this evening we are missing the fun and laughter that she added. We had a great time traveling together. We would like to blame Vicki for our pastry gluttony and renewed thirst for wine, but that really wouldn’t be fair. We both think our middles might be growing a bit on this trip and have vowed to try to eat better. We are going to start tomorrow, right after the buffet breakfast. 

This is a house!
This is a hostel!!

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