September 13, 2021

Gord now has a folding Bike Friday too. They are packed and ready to fly.

Ruth: We are climbing out of our protective cocoons to travel for the first time in a long time. I’m not sure it is the right decision, but we are going. We bought tickets to the Azores back before Covid numbers started surging again in BC.

Today we went for our Covid tests and in the lead up to the appointment I started to feel achy. I was paranoid that even though I had hardly any contact with others, the delta variant had somehow invaded me. I took my temperature several times yesterday, and each time was shocked it registered as normal. There was nothing normal about how I felt. I had this sinking feeling that the notification in my inbox announcing that my trip to Mississauga was about to begin, was some sort of ominous sign that we would be quarantined there for two weeks. Not to knock Mississauga, I’m sure it has lots to offer, especially if you can leave your hotel room.

This afternoon the email arrived with the beautiful word Negative on my COVID test certificate. Instantly my symptoms were gone and replaced with an excitement about our upcoming trip. We are going to the Azores! Well, tomorrow we just go to Mississauga, but only for one night. The following day we continue on to the Azores.

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