March 17, 2020
The last rays of sun are illuminating the Straight of Georgia between Vancouver and Valdes Island. From my chair in our cabin, I watch a ferry gliding along in the pink light that bathes the coastal range. Mount Baker looks simultaneously solid and ethereal.
We we’re supposed to be on route to Moncton to visit Gordon’s aunt and uncle who are 96 and 93 respectively. Yesterday morning we made a quick decision to pull the plug and avoid any risks to Herman and Doris. When we made the decision there were 46 cases of Covid-19 in B.C. and only one on Vancouver island. The risk seemed low, but out of an abundance of caution and a sense of responsibility we cancelled the trip. 
Other than stories of hoarding shoppers racing to buy all the toilet paper and hand sanitizers, life seemed fairly normal here. 
Today there are 187 cases and seven deaths in the province. A public health emergency has been declared in BC  as in many other provinces across the country. The stories coming out of Italy and Spain are a scary warning of what is yet to come. 
Schools have been shut indefinitely for in-class instruction but I have been told to report to school on Monday after spring break ends. We will continue to work but may have new and different duties.  
We are all practicing “social distancing” now even on Valdes. We are meeting our neighbors each day at the beach but saying 6 feet away from each other at all times. We are feeling very fortunate to have this place to hold up in

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