We are slowly climbing and acclimatizing as we head toward the first of the high passes that we will traverse.  We have been pacing ourselves so that we are now at almost 4000 metres without any symptoms of altitude sickness.

Last night we stayed at Tengboche, the site of the largest monastery in the Khumbu.  We attended the afternoon prayers, where two dozen monks droned their religious texts, punctuated by the ringing of bells and blowing of various horns.  It is quite a mesmerizing experience.

November is the second busiest month of the year on trail to Everest Base Camp, after October, and the traffic of man and beast is almost constant.  Most of the trekkers are supported by guides and porters, and there are additional porters carrying the materials needed by trekkers and the local population.  There are also frequent trains of yaks and ponies carrying all manner of goods.

One of the advantages of the Three Passes Trek is that part of it is along the busy trail to Everest Base Camp, but much of it is passes through less visited areas.  We will be leaving the main trail for a few days after tomorrow.

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