Three blogs to be published today now that there is Wi-Fi again. 

November 10th

We have spent the last couple of days climbing towards the first of the three high passes on our trek.  This morning we parted company with the principal trail to Everest Base Camp and worked our way up a side valley to the cluster of trekking lodges known as Chhukung.  Located at 4700 metres, it services trekkers and climbers heading for several of the trekking peaks, as well as the Kongma La, the 5535 metre pass we hope to traverse tomorrow.

Chhukung is situated in a sea of glacial moraines, and almost surrounded by spectacular peaks.  Notable among these is Lhotse, one of a handful of peaks over 8000 metres.

At our current altitude it is below zero in the morning, but pleasant in the afternoon sun in the absence of the wind coming off the glaciers around us.  Some cloud cover develops in the afternoon, but most of the day we enjoy crystal clear air in bright sunshine.

Matthew has developed a cold, but otherwise we are all feeling stronger and acclimatized to the altitude.  The climb tomorrow will complete our acclimatization process, leaving us free to complete the trek without further concerns about mountain sickness.  We are all very excited about tomorrow’s hike.

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