Ruth: I have it easier than all the other henros on the route. Well, perhaps not the ones in the tour buses. I am sitting in my camp chair at a high viewpoint overlooking  the mountains and the sea, waiting for Gordon to catch up. Lots of time to finish up my painting of a turtle.
We stayed in Hiwasa last night, and although the turtle museum was closed we could still see the beautiful creatures slowly cruising in their outside tanks.  Turtles use the beach at Hiwasa to lay their eggs.  In the summer months, at new moon, the baby turtles make their dangerous journey to the sea. 
The Shikoku 88 temple route is absolutely perfect for bicycles. Especially when you are pacing yourselves alongside walkers. For many years I grieved not being able to walk long distances and wished for the simplicity of a backpack and nothing else. I think it is time to admit I have found a lovely alternative to the grind of hard walking. Seeing our travelling tribe moaning and tending to their feet or knees makes me realize it’s time to put that nostalgia about walking to rest. 
We visited our last temple for a little while. The gap between temple 23 and 24 is 77 kms.. 

Today’s ride snaked along amazing cliffs and coastline. We saw two groups of monkeys (tail-less macaques) along the way. 

I have lost three kilograms!!! 

Thank you Japan Post.

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