Ruth: I’m feeling very grateful tonight. We found a  shelter behind a Shinto shrine between Temples 34 and 35. It has a roof, two walls and couches. We asked permission to stay the night and then a local man returned with drinks and grapes for us. We are camping Japanese style. It has been raining heavily today and the prospect of camping out was looking a bit grim. 

The kindness of locals is really the best part of this trip. It goes beyond osettai – the gifts that are given to us as pilgrims along the way. We have been given many of these including: Kleenex, drinks, prayer beads, purses and a dvd in the pilgrimage. The generosity of the people on Shikoku goes much deeper than this. Many considerate efforts are made daily to ensure our safety and comfort and because of this, tonight we are dry. 

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