Ruth: We have settled into Casa do Avô Faidoca on Pico Island. We get out most days for a walk and a bike ride, but there is more rain and wind coming so we will be hunkering down for a few days. The difference between the rain and sun is dramatic. We don’t pull the camera out in the wind and rain. 

It is very beautiful in our town of Calheta de Nesquim. The village is tucked into a south facing bay and is warmer than many parts of the island. Bananas, figs, oranges and even pineapples are grown in sheltered spots. 

This is also the birth place of Portuguese Joe, who jumped his whaling ship in search of gold and eventually made his home in British Columbia.  We are staying with one of his relatives, Adelina Silveira. She is possibly the best hostess we have ever had.  Adelina has ensured that we are well supplied with her home grown oranges, mandarins, bananas, sweet potatoes, and eggs, and her homemade wine and jam. There is a tiny shop where we can buy bread and anything else we might need, ranging from fishing tackle to bras and boots. There is also good restaurant run by a German family within walking distance.

We have been going out with our bikes each morning to explore all the neighboring villages. Our climbing knees are getting excellent workouts as we climb out of this village and down into another, only to climb up and out again. The grades off the main road are very steep, but there usually is at least one road out of every town that is less challenging.
I am joining Gord on most rides, but yesterday I did turn down the hill at about 400 meters to save my knees. I am quite happy reading and painting for a good chunk of each day. 

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