Ruth: We just arrived in Horta on the island of Faial in the Azores. 

We left Victoria after a very rough start to the year. Gord and I are still shaken by the lost our good friend Blair.  He died  on December 30 of the flu. Nobody is supposed to die from the flu. His celebration of life was last Saturday. Blair’s death has left his partner Catherine shattered and so many of his friends in shock and grief. He is dearly missed.

Jet lag hits me hard emotionally at the best of times. It always seems to be when my emotional demons come to visit.  I know it will pass, but on the last few trips the first couple of days have been rough. My Facebook travel posts never really tell the whole story.  I love travelling far too much to let this stop me, but it does make me wonder how to make theses first few days easier. Anxiety is a funny thing, not clearly tied to the reality of the situation in which it visits. 
I am so grateful to be with Gord and beginning another few months of travelling together. The Azores are one of the few places we have felt compelled to revisit after just one year. 
My needs travelling are quite simple. Beyond food and shelter there are two things that are very important to me: sleep and coffee. OK, maybe three things: sleep, coffee and Gord.  But I appreciate Gord much more when the other two have been taken care of.
Coffee  appears to be step one in turning me back into a kind and loving partner. Taking a long walk uphill to a supermarket is not even on the list. Sleep can wait for now that I have had a cup of coffee and can enjoy the view of Pico out our window. 

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