From our guesthouse in Upper Pisang we have an unobstructed view of Annapurna II, which is almost 8,000 metres high.  It was stunningly beautiful in the glorious weather we enjoyed today.

We have climbed 1,400 metres in the past two days to bring us to our current elevation of 3,300 metres.  Only 2,100 metres more to the Thorung La.
We have been walking mostly on the road the past couple of days.  This was an advantage yesterday, as Rick was able to wave down a jeep to transport him part of the way.  This is a relatively challenging trek and Rick and Don are struggling a bit.  On the other hand, Matthew is doing very well.  Youth is clearly an advantage in trekking, and perhaps a few other things.
Upper Pisang has a gompa (Buddhist monastery) and many traditional Tibetan houses.  I find these structures so beautiful, particularly in the strong autumn light.

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