We are enjoying the two night acclimatization stay in Manang.  To aid the process it is recommended that trekkers hike as high as possible on the acclimatization day.  Matthew and I chose an ambitious outing: an 1100 metre climb to the “Ice Lake” above Manang.  It was clear this morning, offering amazing views of two of the Annapurna peaks, among others.  However, by the time we reached the lake, clouds had moved in, the wind had risen, and the day had turned wintry.  We actually jogged portions of the trail on the way down to escape the less pleasant conditions.

We returned to Manang in time for the afternoon lecture on altitude sickness offered by the Himalaya Rescue Association.  It was quite interesting and informative.  It also provides us with some insurance, as the HRA claims that no one who has attended the lecture has ever died of altitude sickness.  So you needn’t worry, Ruth.

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