Ruth: My blogging app is misbehaving so I am drafting this one in my notes so I don’t have to write it over and over again. 

As I write this a thunderstorm is raging outside. Each day the weather forecast has looked very grim but so far we have beaten the odds and remained dry on our rides and mostly dry on our walks. When these storms hit the heavens come crashing down and you have to find shelter immediately. Fortunately it is mild and lovely the rest of the time. 

As soon as the rain finishes the locals quickly return to their benches outside their homes. 


Two nights ago we stayed in Ieud where there is yet another lovely UNESCO listed wooden church. Ieud has been famous for its woodworkers since the Middle Ages and continues to be. Our host tonight has not only lovingly restored the 100 year old farm house in which he lives but has also built the current chalet we are staying in. 

Maramureș is a region rich in woodwork. Most obvious are the wooden churches but the elaborately carved  wooden gates are also fascinating. They have their origins in animist beliefs that people’s homes needed protection from evil spirits.

Of course when ones artistic sensibilities crave something else the painted interiors of the wood churches more than satisfy. 

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