Ruth: I was thinking that our blogs this trip lacked a certain Je n’est sais quoi, with our descriptions  and pictures of countless churches. When I looked back over the last few posts I realized that they also lacked pictures. I have no idea what happens between our composing and posting but sometimes we seem to lose most of not all of our content. Arrrrg!

We are not religious fanatics obsessed with ecclesiastical architecture,  but when in Romania, Churches and Monasteries are the things to see. Each area we pass through has completely unique versions of their own religious buildings. 

We are back in the heart of Transylvania and today took a side trip to visit Prejmer. Prejmer is on of the UNESCO listed Saxon fortified churches. Fortification was a serious business here. As the first fortified church this side of the mountains, invasions were common. The village was destroyed at least fifty times while the citizens found safety within the massive walls. The complex has 270 rooms to accommodate the crowds during a siege. 

Up until now we have been staying in wonderful accommodation. Tonight’s place in Brașov would not fall in that category. We are staying in our host’s apartment, which he vacates when he has a booking.  It very much has the appearance of the home of an oblivious, aging single man who has just stepped out for a few minutes.  The sink is full of dirty dishes, the washing machine has clothes in it, there are items of clothing hanging everywhere, and there is a general lack of cleaning.  When we drain either the bathtub or the kitchen sink, water rises through the floor drain and flows across the kitchen.  This apartment is a very recent addition to the bookings website and as a result had no posted reviews.  I think that we will send the pleasant owner an email rather than do a review, but others will not be so kind.

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