Ruth: Ok, I have tried to be goodnatured about the weather in Romania this July, but after two days of complete soakings I am fed up. Yesterday morning our ride out of Sinaia was lovely, with the sun even making an appearance, but at noon we were caught in a huge thunderstorm. We tried to wait it out in a bus shelter; counting the seconds between the lightning flash and the thunder. One hit very close to us. When the rain slowed we started riding again, plowing through the flooded streets. In one town a manhole cover had blown off, and in another the streets were completely underwater. You can only imagine the plume of water coming from the trucks which tried to plow through at the same time as us. Gord disappeared at one point and was trying to save some tiny soaked kittens.  We hope they made it. 

The weather reports all say that the rain stops on Friday and that August will be good, but it has rained every day in July. Most days have not been as bad as the last two, and we do seem to be developing tans, so there have been sunny breaks. 

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