The number is listed as “Customer Relations,” and the message that repeats with the electronic music assures us that they understand that our time is valuable. Forty five minutes into this process I begin to feel that I am playing a role in some twisted psychological experiment. With too much time invested, I can’t give up in spite of the anxiety and anger welling up in me. The music by this point is pulsing through my bloodstream as my brain is sucked into a moment of hope each time the music stops before the loop begins again. When Gord suggests I just hang up and try another time I want to blow. 

Finally a tired but friendly voice from Manila comes on. She has no information about our bikes and boxes, but at least corrects our last name so that we can look online for any updates in the status of our bags. She offers to give me another number but then puts me on hold for fifteen more minutes. New music, but equally disturbing. When she returns she gives me a number for the Cluj airport, a number I already have.
Our extended stay in Cluj has given us the opportunity to visit essentially all the sites of tourist interest in the town.  We have been to the excellent Ethnological Park, which is like a Romanian Upper Canada Village, as well as the local art gallery.

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