Gordon:  Another day, another monastery.  Today’s ride took us to the quiet, less visited monastery at Humor.  The paintings on this church had some of the same subjects that we have grown accustomed to seeing: the Tree of Jesse, the Last Judgement, and the fall of Constantinople.  The style at Humor is a bit more Byzantine, with the stylized creases in the drapery and faces.  Unfortunately, as at Sucevița, the wall with the Last Judgement scene is completed invisible behind scaffolding.  Perhaps this is for the best, as the Devil at Humor is portrayed as a woman, and Ruth’s actions when confronted with this misogyny could be unpredictable.

Last Judgement, taken from the Internet 

Beating out the call to prayer on the toaca

Russian graveyard for soldiers killed in 1944

A charming town we visited, nestled between two ridges

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