Ruth:  With jetlag my writing and thinking skills are absent but I will try to capure our day.
During a 6 hour delay in Toronto while our pilot got his beauty rest, we tried to walk and nap at the airport until our flight left at 3:00 am. SATA only has one plane on this route and if they arrive late, as happened with the previous day’s flight, the crew’s required rest time has to be added in for safety reasons. An annoyance, but I am willing to admit it might be a wise decision. 
On our drive in from the airport I could easily recognize the buildings I drew of the town before our departure. It is a fun way to discover a place. The vegetation here is lush and exotic, nurtured by the gentle climate.  The town of Ponta Delgada is charming and very recognizably Portuguese.
We spent an hour in a local museum with its creepy collection of all things taxidermied, including three two-headed (Siamese) calves and a small domestic spaniel.

Ok my brain has cats on its mind. Its Ponta Delgada ( Handsom point) instead of  Ponta Delgata ( Point of the female cat). 
Time to sleep. 

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