The idyllic, summer like weather that we had been enjoying has been replaced by the wind and rain of the former Hurricane Nate.  It came ashore in Louisiana yesterday and its core should pass west of us this evening.

After two nights at the Top of Georgia Hostel we were keen to get back on the AT this morning.  Bruce’s knee had improved somewhat, so we decided to walk to the first shelter, called Plumorchard.  We walked for 3 hours in the warm rain and moderate wind.  An hour after arrival, however, both increased significantly.  The shelter is fortuitously oriented with its back to the wind, so we can observe the natural drama of a storm in the forest without having to contend with wind driven rain in the shelter.

Next day:  It poured for hours last night.  The forecast was for 4 to 6 inches of rain and I can believe we received it.  At times the sound of the rain on the roof was so loud we had to shout to talk.  The rain decreased during the wee hours and by dawn it had ceased.
Bruce’s knee was worse again this morning and as a result he decided to hike out to the highway and go to his brother’s place to recuperate.  He will rejoin me on the trail when his knee is feeling strong again.

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