After 7 days on the trail we were running low on food and needed to go into town to reprovision yesterday.  Dick’s Creek Gap is a convenient place to do this, as the Top of Georgia Hikers’ Hostel is located only half a mile from where the AT crosses a highway.  The Hostel offers bunk beds, hot showers, continental breakfast, and a free shuttle the 11 miles into town, Hiawassee, Ga.

We were able to get 5 days supply of food and some Vitamin I for Bruce yesterday evening, but unfortunately his knee would not allow him to continue walking this morning.  We registered for another night at the Hostel and settled into a leisurely day.  After catching up with some reading and emails we took the shuttle into Hiawassee for another few hours.  We enjoyed a smorgasbord at Daniel’s Steakhouse.  Not only was it quite good, but we were only charged the senior’s rate of $8.50.  Of course we ate like 20 year olds, so it was great value.

Afterwards, we strolled around part of Hiawassee.  Jesus is quite popular here.  There were religious slogans posted everywhere at the restaurant.  Jesus was also at the gas station …

… and at the medical clinic.

After several periods sitting outside the supermarket waiting for the shuttle we have become acquainted with a number of locals.  They are amazingly friendly and welcoming.  Several have offered to give us a lift back to the Hostel.  Oh, did I mention that Deliverance was filmed in this area?
Bill Bryson writes about Hiawassee in his book, “A Walk in the Woods”.  He said he knew it was time to leave when he was taking an interest in the Employee of the Month postings at the fast food restaurant.  We would also like to leave tomorrow, but the remnants of Hurricane Nate are coming through tomorrow with an anticipated 4 to 6 inches of rain.  And we have been told that they will be serving turkey and all the trimmings at Daniel’s Steakhouse tomorrow, so maybe we will be getting to know Hiawassee even better.

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